Ranking the Best Standing Desks Under $300

Sitting for long periods of time has been called “the new smoking” as it can increase the risk of premature death or the development of some chronic diseases. A troubling thought for those of us who sit at our computers all day.

While a standing desk may not be a cure-all, the right one can certainly make a difference.

The problem? A good standing desk can break the bank. We took a look at more than a dozen major standing desk brands to evaluate the best – all under $300.00

  1. UNICOO Electric Height Adjustable Workstation – $249.99
    UNICOO - Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, Electric Standing Workstation Home Office Sit Stand Up
    Comes in antique oak, black, light oak, mahogany, and white. This simple, elegant look will fit in your room no matter what your home style is.
  2. Flexispot Height Adjustable Desk, Electric Sit/Stand Desk – $299.99
    Flexispot 60" Large Height Adjustable Desk, Electric Sit Stand Desk Home Office Table Standing Desk
    The electric lift mechanism is super-quiet (under 50dB) and the desk is one of the most solid we tested, rated at more than 154 lbs. The two button controller keeps it simple – no BS. Comes in five different sizes and is the easiest to assemble of all those we tested.
  3. FAMISKY Dual Motor Adjustable Height Desk – $284.99

    Sturdy and quiet – rated up to 220 lbs and the motor runs under 40 dB. This desk also has a hook for your headphones so you don’t clutter your desk.

The standing desk you choose needs to be solid, quiet, and perfect for any height (or mood) – done right, this purchase will help make you healthier, more productive, and it won’t break the bank.