Socializing while Work from Home

If you’re like most Americans, your workplace plays a material role in your social life. According to an eko survey of 1,000 employees, “workplace friendships” were considered more valuable than a pay raise.

And as many have seen while working from home during the pandemic, failure to maintain that workplace camaraderie has had a seriously negative impact.

But remote work doesn’t need to feel so, well, remote. We have a few simple tips to socialize while you’re working from home:

  1. Use your video when you’re on video calls. When given the choice between a phone call or video conference, go video – seeing your colleague’s face will help bridge that non-verbal communication gap. And make sure you turn your video on! Your colleagues should understand if you’re not getting dolled up while working from home – don’t worry about that.
  2. Replicate those social moments like happy hours or lunch. This one’s simple. Pick a time and add a video conferencing link. Have lunch and shoot the breeze.
  3. Create (or participate in) casual non-work-related spaces. Many organizations use a chat tool like Microsoft Teams or Slack. If your organization doesn’t already, create a #random or #fun channel where you share fun links or photos with your colleagues.

Just because you’ve been pushed to work from home doesn’t mean you have to give up those little things you enjoyed about the office – the personal connections and social interactions are indeed possible, and you don’t have to deal with the commute.